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New Years Resolution -Sponsor A Child

Smile Can be shared around the world! Smile tomorrow is not promised to everyone. 2017 our goal is to make sure each child has a monthly sponsor. A sponsor that will make a commitment to make sure a child gets everything they need food, medical care, education. 2016 Last Year was a tough year! A lot of our goals were fully fulfilled in 2016. In 2016 we needed to find sponsors for all of our children. We also needed 29,000 to buy our own home, however we only raised 5,276. Reaching these goals are imperative because they will free up money so we can service more children. Currently we are renting a home and that is a monthly expense and it is a limited amount of space. The government has asked us to show we are serious by purchasing a home or land to build a home. In addition raising money for a New Home, aquiring monthly sponsorship is our main goal this 2017 year. Our goal is to have a sponsor for each child.This will crate stability for the children so they can attend school, they will have access to medical treatment, they will have food, shelter and clothing. Help us make sure every child at WATCCH.Inc this year get's a monthly sponsor. Head to our Sponsor A Child Page! Become a Sponsor Today!

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