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Empowering Changes, Changing Children's Lives


If you didn’t know, here’s a bit about us.

WATCCH is a disaster relief organization. We work with the most Communities and vulnerable children affected by disasters. We have several programs focusing on children recovering from natural disasters. We want to help them get healthy by providing them with nutritious food, adequate health treatment, proper shelter, and an education. So they may eventually become productive Ugandan citizens.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support and assist vulnerable children and communities in Uganda, Africa, who have lost everything in natural disasters.

Our Impact

We hope to provide sustainable long-term relief to Ugandan children and communities in need by providing clothing, education, food, and shelter.


We are More Than a Charity

Bring Reliefs

Provide Shelters

Supply Food / Water

Promote Education


How We Do It

  • Working hand in hand with the children and the community we listen to their needs.

  • Working with the local hospital to provide each child with a full body check-up. In addition, to HIV testing. We also raise funding for the special medical needs of children in desperate need of special medical treatment.

  • Providing the children with access to fresh water and nutritious meals.

  • Providing sponsorships for each child. Rather the child in our custody at our home or within the home of a distant relative.

  • Creating solutions and programs that will help create a better life for the children and the communities affected by natural disasters.

  • We are able to provide all these things through our partnerships, sponsorship, donors, and team members.

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