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Why Bududa, Uganda?

Uganda is a landlocked country located in eastern Africa and shares its borders with five other countries. With more than 40% of rural Ugandans living in abject poverty and the harsh reality of being a top 10 country for HIV prevalence rates, a complicated health situation exists. 

Bududa sits at the base of Mt. Elon, approximately 260 km east of Kampala. Bududa is a remote zone often labeled the “forgotten district."

Image by Antoine Plüss

In 2008 mudslides claimed over 300 lives either lost or dead. In 2011 there was another mudslide that took place covering two entire villages. In 2013 another mudslide covered villages and claimed the life of a four-year-old child. Many people are still missing. In 2014 a mudslide claimed the lives of 3 people. Two or More villages were washed away last year, and over 50 dead due to mudslides in Bududa, Uganda. Many villages had to evacuate, and many people remain displaced from their homes.

Bududa is one of the poorest districts within Uganda. There is extreme poverty, a lack of infrastructure, and low education levels all contribute to poor health situations because of mudslides. WATCCH.INC works hand and hand with the community to help rebuild parts of Bududa and help children impacted by landslides.

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