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Become a Volunteer

WATCCH will be conducting two volunteer programs throughout the year; for summer May to August and again in fall September to December. Being a part of our volunteer program provides hands-on experience, cultural experience, and relationships with the amazing children of Uganda.

Through WATCCH volunteer program, we will be your personal guide to the community. We will provide opportunities for you to experience Uganda, Africa. In addition, provide opportunities for you to roll up your sleeves and work alongside our staff. We will also use your strengths to help improve WATCCH community development projects.

Our volunteer program will help you grow personally and spiritually as you serve in Uganda. The environment in Uganda will transform your life as your server and work with our amazing children.

If you are interested in volunteering for summer 2024, March 15th is the last day to apply. For the Fall 2024 Volunteer Program application end date is June 15th

Thanks for submitting!

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