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Clean Water

After a natural disaster access to clean water is vital to the health and quality of life of children in Uganda, Africa. Having clean water is a necessity in the heat of Uganda, Africa. Only 66% of the population have access to water and only 34% have access to clean water. Many people in Uganda have to walk miles a day to get water.Our goal is to provide clean water to the areas like bududa affected by disasters. In addition, provide the children at our home with fresh clean water so they can live healthy fulfilling lives.

Three Meals a Day

Our goal is to make sure that each child at our home has three meals a day. It's important that each child gets a well-balanced meal. Over  2 million children in Uganda, battle with malnutrition. Malnutrition kills 300 children every hour in Uganda. Our mission is to provide a well balanced diet to each child. We also want to educate young mothers on Formula and provide formula for children in need.




Many children and elderly in Uganda go with out medicine they are affected by so many different diseases malaria, HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis and that is only to name a few. These children need  access to medical treatment at all times.  Our goal is to start a clinic hire a full time nurse and hire a doctor to visit the clinic at least two days out of the week to make sure they are healthy. The costs 350,000 UGX/$125.00 US monthly for a nurse.Supplies cost 250,000 UGX/$100.00 US every 3 month..


Supplies includes malaria medicine, aspirin, first aid kit, bandages and HIV testing materials. In order to accomplish all these health care goals we need funding! 

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