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Isaac 1st Birthday At 14!

Isaac Wakhata is a native of Uganda, Africa. He celebrated his birthday for the 1st time this weekend at believed age 14. Many children in Uganda ages are unknown and birthday's are not often celebrated. Isaac was professionally diagnosed last year with fibrous dysplasia. A bone disease that causes for the bone to thicken more than usual! The bone around Isaac eyes is thickening and causing intense pressure on his eyes. The doctors said that little could be done to treat his problem. Doctors said eventually, he would loose his eye sight! Portia Price heard about Isaac Story through our face book page. She was so touched by his Journey that she became his sponsor! Mrs. Portia Price was insistent on doing something special for his Birthday. We asked Mrs. Price if she would be interested in sponsoring a party for Isaac. She jumped at the chance to create a special day for Isaac. As you can see Isaac was completely shocked in the first photo! He did not know about the Birthday party and he was completely blown away by the kindness of his sponsor. Isaac has not had the easiest life especially with his bone condition. His father has passed and his mother very ill and unable to take care of him or his siblings. Portia Price hearing that Isaac had been separated from his brother and sister insisted that they be invited to the party. Everyone in the community was excited for Isaac and no one in his community had ever been to a birthday party. Many people Isaac shared his cake with were eating it for the very first time! WATCCH.Inc is so great full to have sponsors like Portia Price. Sponsors like her will never know the impact that their act of kindness has on the child they sponsor and the community. The community, WATCCH and Isaac says to Portia Nicks thank you & God bless. If this story inspires please go to our website and sponsor a child!

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